Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photos of an Evening Walk

Ya see, cloud, what you have to do is RAIN!
It is finally raining! Hooray! Hooray! I have never ached for rain before. Usually northeastern summers are steamy and green. This long, long wait for water is not the norm at all. I really began to feel an instinctual pull from inside, like a dog before an earthquake. I looked at the sky and contemplated the broken clouds.

Last night I walked with the girls along the same route I have walked hundreds of times before. We walked to their old school, the one I faithfully walked back and forth from 3 times a day when the little one was in kindergarten. The same one we walked to for school concerts. The same one we walk to after a good evening meal to stretch out legs and see who else is at the playground.  I took along a camera, figuring what I have seen a million times might be new to one or two of you!

 We met up with a neighbor walking her dog. I was taking a picture of my foot. She said,"What ya doing with that camera?"
"Scratching a creative itch,"I say. "I sit in a cubicle all day."

The days have been in the high nineties. Like in the winter when you open the door and brace yourself for an arctic blast, this past week you have to mentally prepare to enter the oven. My parents to the north have no air conditioning, and are just walking around the house naked. Those yankees just are not prepared for this kind of thing. They will be laughing at the southerners when the snow hits, though.

I haven't been doing anything at work but sitting at the reception desk, transferring calls to the executives and perfecting my Bookworm game. They won't hire me for the position because I have a disciplinary action against me for poor attendence, so every day they call me from my position and I do the job without being awarded the title. I consider this an afront, and don't try to hard.

This town was supposed to be temporary. This was supposed to be a few months to appease the civil court system into awarding me full custody. Five years ago.  Now I realize these will be the streets the girls remember as their home. These are the streets where they learned how to ride bikes, where they chased the boys they like, where they caught fireflies.

love and light,
your friend,


  1. This temporary town has turned out to be a great place for you to raise your children and have a small town atmosphere...loved the quietness and peaceful feeling of all those photos too.

  2. I'm so glad to catch up with you. It's not that I don't think of you and pray for you when I do - I'm just not much of a blogger anymore. Thanks so much for stopping over at my place, too.
    Love to you and your family.

  3. ty for the fb shout!!! im happy to see one of the old bloggers yapping at me and still!!! im trying to get back into the blog spirit, what ill do is post a slinky link on the drivel. not much folks read the drivel no more. i have opinions, and im a ramblin!! great posts here!! love it!!! hugs!!!


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