That's me, Mountain. I look sexy when I'm working.

This is my husband, the calm center of my tornado.

This is our wedding last summer. Check my sweet boots! I am so lucky to have my cowboy.

And here are my two astounding daughters, Younger on the left, Elder on the right. Sure, they are beautiful, but they are also compassionate and curious. I won the lottery when I had them.

The Elder is our practical Virgo, organized and sensitive. This child is all heart. From a tiny baby she has loved Batman, because I believe she wants to see the world brought to justice. She loves to sing Taylor Swift songs, read books about vampires, and the color pink.

The Little One was born fearless. She learned to walk at eight months old and has been looking for high things to jump off of ever since. She can eat a whole bag of potato chips and can't walk by a dog without stopping to pat it.

This is what they look like when they aren't in their easter dresses. Cute, right?

I hope that makes it easier to keep us straight!