About Me

I just turned 30, which was the age that I always wanted to be. In the picture above, I'm The Mom. I grew up in Upstate New York, camping in the Adirondack Mountains and being a nerd in the advanced placement classes. I love dirt, and I feed my spirit by spending time in Nature. I went to an expensive college in California, got knocked up, dropped out and married a bad man. Running for my life,  I was homeless in Virginia for a short while, when both my daughters were still drinking from sippy cups. That experience changed me in many ways. I found jobs in customer service to keep us alive, taking time out to follow my passion and take a tattoo apprenticeship. With lots of support from my family, I moved to Pennsylvania and began the legal war for custody of my firecracker-sunflower-grape soda daughters. Only five blocks away from me, I discovered a quiet, gentle artist who played the guitar. Over the span of four years, he moved into my apartment above the pizzaria. We had a beautiful country wedding in September.

So, now I am 30, and I feel like I am only just beginning to be the captain of my own life.  I am only just beginning to explore and enjoy. I am grounded by art, nature and spirituality. I am growing in confidence, compassion and creativity. I am honored that you have chosen to read this far. Thanks for stopping by!

Love and light,
your friend,