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5cents Book reviews and kitty cats and SUPER COMMENTER! Mwah! Mwah!

Anna  The Anna who visited from England

LA Prolific writer, newlywed and mom, I've been a fan for a decade!

Becky Young Bohemian dealing with addiction

Betty Me, only prettier, smarter and more creative

Nancy My cyber-mom

Madness West-coast vegan observations with a salsa spin

Jinxi Tattoo collector with enviable drive

Grouse Nature photography from Wyoming

Deb Real life rescuer and friend

Rosie Kareoke-is that how you spell that?

Art Homeless and passionate about coffee and Elvis

5OrangePotatoes Lovely projects and natural child rearing

Farm Mama The mama who farms

Rae dreadlocks and inspiration

Alicia Alicia Silverstone, who'da thunk it?

Madame A new friend of like-mind

Persuaded so different yet so alike

Jen rarely updates, but good to savor

Nora What do you know about Morroco?

Christine Reactive Attachment Disorder, Adoption, Veganism, rich in ideas

YankeeChick Horses and family and down to earth observations