Tuesday, March 9, 2010

People Like Lists

My kids kick ass.

It was the little one's birthday. My husband planned the entire day for her because I had to work, plus pneumonia. He has been planning to run wrestling birthday parties, so this was good practice for him. He borrowed some wrestlers and some neighbor children and put on a show for the kids, and then let the kids play in the ring. He put a suitcase way high above the ring with presents inside, and then claimed the heel had stolen all the birthday presents. Inside the suitcase were dozens of comic books for all the kids to share. SO COOL, and I missed it, of course. Still, the kids had a great time, and my husband was a hero.

It is now 9:46 and I feel like it is four in the morning. Everything is so exhausting. Breathing is exhausting, but I am doing pretty well. I have had a string of nice days and things seem to be looking up. I'm not in terrible pain or anything.

Things Little One Got For Her Birthday:

-A secret agent spy v-tech video game that looks like a laptop

-a webkinz mama and baby lamb.

-earrings in a fancy box from Paris, France

-a bathingsuit and beach stuff

-a diary with a lock

-a really cool doodle book

-48 pieces of sidewalk chalk

-a tinkerbell desk set

-pocky (japanese candy)

-tickets to Alice in Wonderland in 3D (yes, it was awesome)

Things The Homeopath is Treating Me For


2)healing from the damaging drugs I chose to take like zoloft and codeine

3)uplift for depression

4)balancing and drainage for my ears and for moving out of my rut

Things I Saw in My Most Amazing Dream Last Night

-a blue tiled metro station

-a waterslide that went over a highway

-an artisan's mall where each kiosk had really cool glass and tile mosaics over the top

-chainsaw sculptures

-a fancy restaurant

Children's Books I Have Recently Read While Trying To Get Better (I have the children trained so that I can just bellow and they bring me another one)

-The 18th Emergency by Betsy Byars

-Skylark by Patricia MacLachlan

-Jet Getaway and Other Amazing Escapes by Thomas G. Gunning

-A Haunting In Williamsburg by Lou Kassem

-It Couldn't Happen To Me, Three True Stories Of Teenaged Moms by Beth Johnson

Ok, guys. I'll try to have something more intelligent to talk about soon. Really.


  1. Oh, I am so jealous of the Pocky! I love the Pocky! Chocolate Pocky with strawberry swirly straws are my favorite. The half dipped chocs are next. Gimme alla da Pocky!

    Glad you are feeling a bit better. (Here I go sounding like the old person that I chronologically am) "Back in the days when I was a little girl with pneumonia, they called the lesser form of it "walkin' pneumonia because you were up walking and talking and had no idea there was something wrong other than a cold until you just fell over"

  2. I forgot to say that your children are really cute folks.

  3. What a great idea for a birthday party...bet all the neighborhood children will be telling their parents that they want one too! Great job to Dear Husband. And so glad that you are feeling better too.


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