Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today my hormones and chemicals were properly organized and it was a recipe for a much better day. It rained. It was grey enough to make Rainbow Brite suicidal, and still I rolled out of bed with a Pos!t!ve Att!tude! Yay Team! Let's go to work and make some money for the family! Woot!

Today was-

dunkin donuts coffee with milk, no sugar

singing happy birthday into a long distance phonecall

learning about the miraculous tamarack tree

remembering the names of four of the five dogs in Puerto Rico-Milagro, Bacon, Blanca Nieve, Luna and WHo?????

So, my font won't go back. That's what you get for pressin' buttons. I'm a big button pressor. For shame.

Last night I utilized my netflix account and watched a pretty interesting movie called Rory O'Shea Is Here, which is about a guy pretty much going through the same internal struggle I know the one that goes,"mylifeisrightnowandI'mtryingtogive150percenttolivingitbut youdouchesareholdingmeback"? The major difference between myself and O'Shea is that he has cerebal palsy and can only move two fingers on his right hand. And he's Scottish. Other than that, there was a lot I could relate to. Here is the trailer:

Hmmm. It seems I am rather vapid today, but at least I am getting some joy out of living, which is a definite improvement from the recent past. Today I am boring yet placated, just like the rest of america. :)

How about a song?


  1. I'm glad you are feeling more joyful today my dear. ANd I owe you a hearty thank you for that picture of Rainbow Brite. We have a stuffed figure of that horse of hers, rainbow mane and all... we've had it for years and it has been one of those super favorite family toys that all of the kids play with. The velour has worn all off the hooves and the fur is more gray now than anything else, but she's had a very good life. An excellent life for a toy, I imagine. Just looking at your picture made me smile remembering how she used to look:)

    Have a wonderful day sweetie!

  2. I KNOW you won't be depressed now because I have found you again! LOL...
    When I feel depressed, I think about how much worse my life could be when I compare it to other people I know....snaps me out of that mood fairly well.
    We are all entitled to some blue days...hope yours are behind you for awhile.

    Terri T.

  3. Diane- I had that horse, too! It was dearly loved at my house.

    Terri-I'm better now. I know it comes and goes, but I don't much like it.


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