Thursday, March 18, 2010

My I Am Poem

Here is a fun thing. You fill in all of these blanks, and it makes a poem. You can make one too, and put it in comments, or leave a link to your blog! :)

Mine turned out sort of depressing, but where else can someone be truly morose than in self-reflexive poetry?

I am so tired that I want to cry.
I wonder when I will feel strong and light again.
I hear the life-breath in my watery lungs.
I see pneumonia leaving me.
I want pneumonia gone.
I am so tired that I want to cry.

I pretend that I feel strong and light again.
I feel like a stone bouncing down a pebbly incline.
I touch the ground, spinning and bumping.
I worry that I will stay a stone.
I cry because I'm rolling, rolling, rolling down.
I am so tired.

I understand that healing is coming.
I say nothing. I have to save my breath.
I dream of swimming, light and strong, laughing and splashing
I try to float, but always I am rolling down.
I hope pneumonia will soon leave me.
I am so tired that I want to cry.

1 comment:

  1. I tried it and mine was so depressing that I didn't want to read it .....

    Thank goodness the sun is out today...


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