Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Go To Puerto Rico

I have been dreaming of Puerto Rico.

I drink rum, coconut water and parsha juice to try to replace the feeling of being there.

Fall is here. The dark comes earlier and my ride home from work now includes squinting into the glare of oncoming headlights. I have put away my summer dresses and I have started wearing socks and shoes. There are always papers to be signed for school. There are always things to clean that I feel like I just cleaned only moments ago. While picking up toys, hanging up backpacks and pushing in chairs, I dream of air almost too thick to breathe. I dream of the generous boughs of the plantain tree and the xylophone music of the coqui frog, teasing me for being non-native.

While setting the table, I decide that it is cruel to have visited there. I will not enjoy the snow in winter now that I have felt the sand between my toes. Don't go. It will only make you ache with an inverted homesickness.


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  2. Well that's just how I feel since visiting you. Too stoned to be able to think of neutral enough comments but you know who I am and I am sooo happy to hear you stretching your writing muscles out again. A xxx

  3. I want to go, anyway! It sounds heavenly!

  4. "inverted homesickness" ...

    i'd know that turn of a phrase anywhere♥ ((hugs)) to you and your'n my dear.

  5. YC-
    Hope I didn't scare you off!

    Welcome from across the pond!

    We'll go together, and maybe not come home.

    I'm glad to see you!xoxox

  6. OK, you are right, I can make comments! Shoes and coat are in the mail.


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